Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coming to a close

It seems to me that among other things a good blog takes work and dedication. I've not really put much work into this blog and as a result it is pretty boring. With a little effort I think I could really enjoy keeping this blog.

To make this blog more fun for me I'd like to try a few things.

1.) I need to branch out my knitting projects. This is both just for my knitting enjoyment and because I'm tired of writing "I worked on a sock". ;)

2.) Project 365. I really enjoy taking pictures and this will encourage me to do so more often. Any good ones can become an instant blog post.

3.) I'm considering a posting schedule of some sort. I tend to put off posting and then when I do post I end up with writers block.

There is a possibility that this blog will experience a huge shift sometime after this summer. TheBoy and I are discussing the possibility of going to South Korea to teach English for a year after I graduate. This would be a really amazing experience and would undoubtedly give me a lot to talk about. I'm already plotting the best way to bring lots of yarn with me if we go.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well tomorrow is christmas and I'm not quite ready. I'm not too woried about it. I think I can finish and if not no one will be upset or hurt.

I finished one of my brothers socks.

I absolutely love it. Can't I just rip it back, make it shorter and keep it? No? Darn.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday! I demand this of you. Even if you don't celebrate. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pepper Love

Yesterday I didn't get any knitting done because I was lazy early in the day and then I made the most awesome dinner ever.

I started with these.

I've had this red pepper cream sauce recipe stashed away waiting for red peppers to go on sale. They finally did. I did a happy dance.

Some quick comments about the recipe: I used whole basil leaves and next time I think I'll chop them up for visual reasons. Unless you have a kick ass blender I wouldn't bother adding the mixture to the blender. All ours did was stir it a bit. A food processor would probably work better, but it really isn't needed.

I cooked a little less than a pound of chicken with half an onion and some garlic. I actually threw the onion and garlic in the pan while I was cutting the chicken because I wanted the onions to caramelize.

I served it all over whole wheat pasta. It was really tasty and really satisfying. I fully intend to make it again.

What dinner post would be complete without a colorless night time picture?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Yesterday I....

Worked on the goodie baskets that TheBoy and I were making for friends.

We finished them up and delivered most of them last night. The final contents? Shortbread, chocolate fudge with and without nuts, peanut butter fudge, peanut brittle, caramels, and ginger cookies.

Worked some on my brothers sock

I didn't get nearly enough done, but at least I got some done! I foresee a possible all nighter.

I enjoyed some pretty flowers

I love marked down flowers. Full price flowers are crazy expensive and there is no way we could afford to get them. Marked down flowers on the other hand? We can handle that. They really do brighten up the house. It has been so dreary here lately.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogstalking - An interesting Statue

To be honest I have no intention of going back and doing all the blogstalking posts that I missed. I am however perfectly happy to go back and do them when I come across something that will work. With that said, let me introduce you to the silver lady.

I saw this living statue when I was in Boston this summer and I thought she was very pretty. Her outfit rocks. I especially like her lacey parasol and gloves.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not Christmas knitting

This morning I woke up to our first reall snow dusting here at the house. Snow is pretty but cold. I need some sort of fingerless gloves for taking pictures outside in the winter. I'm thinking maybe cigar from knitty.

Here is what I've been working on and off isntead of making christmas presents:

It is RPM in lorna's laces lake view. I changed the cast on number ro 72 to adjust for my much tigheter guage. I actually really like the way they look at a tigheter guage because you see more spirals.

Now I'm going to actually get to work on the christmas knitting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

knitting book happiness

I took this picture of Luigi, and similar ones of Mario back when I was living in my own apartment. At the time I was really frustrated that I couldn't get a clear picture, but now I really like the fuzzy effect. I love how the picture seems to have captured Luigi's eternal kitten.

Sometime soonish I turn 24. I've gotten comments along the lines of "I didn't know you were that old!" Well dammit neither did I! For one thing in my opinion 24 isn't old, and to top it off in my head I'm still 22. ;)

I have new knitting books!
Knitting Vintage Socks - Spiral bound. On my first glance through the book I was really disappointed, on my second look through I loved it. It has a little history section and lots of information on different heel and toe types. I really enjoy the textured look of a lot of the "gentlemen" socks, and there are some really cute/pretty lacey patterns as well.

Knitting On the Road - This book is also spiral bound. It has short but clear directions about a couple cast ons to use, as well as different ways to join yarn in the round, which is new info to me. I like most of the patterns, and I love the different cabled socks, as well as the mismatched pair.

Mason Dixon Knitting - I've been wanting this book forever, because I just love it. I'm particularly interested in the log cabin section.

The Knitter's Book of Yarn - I haven't had time to really read any of the yarn info in here, but I love the patterns! I also like how it gives "substitution info" so I don't have to stop and look up the weight of the yarn, or do multiplication for the total yardage.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Season and Thanks

There was a lovely frost on the ground this morning. It just looked so pretty in the early morning sunlight that I had to try and capture it.

Fall is my favorite season because in my opinion, it has all the bestest things. The leaves change and look so pretty on the trees and then they fall and they crunch so nicely under my feet. It is just cold enough for the air to have that delightful cold smell, but not so cold that I can't stand outside and enjoy it. I can begin to snuggle up in long sleeves, sweaters, and blankets, and as a professional snuggler that makes me very happy. Cider, wine, and mulling spices can be brought together in wonderful harmony. On Halloween you can watch all the kids have a blast dressing up and going door to door pillaging for candy. And then as the last big holiday of the fall season, you get together and have dinner with friends and family.

Some things I'm thankful for:
Family, friends, a nice place to live, my boyfriend, my kitties who forever love me, financial aid that allows me to go to school, finally having a career to work towards that I'll enjoy, knitting, yarn, and many many more things. I'm one lucky girl.

Look at that... I actually did a blogstalking assignment!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally Done!

Pattern: Mom's Sophisticated Scarf from Stitch N' Bitch Nation
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted Weight
Color: Nordic Blue
Amount used: unsure. It was either about 2.5 skiens, or 1.5 skeins
Needles: Susan Bates us 7

Modifications: I reduced the number of stitches and added extra rows of seed stitch. I started this over a year ago when I was still a super newbie. I remember being pretty proud of myself for being able to correctly reduce the number of stitches all on my own. I'm pretty amused at myself now.

I love wearing this scarf. It is soft, it drapes beautifully and I can wear it with any jacket I own. It is a great basic scarf.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Look Mom, I'm a violin!

Am I allowed in this thing?

I fill up this bed just fine! No funny instrument shape required.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Finished Mom's Socks!

Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi, 2 skeins. Argyle colorway
Needles: Clover size 1
Gauge: 10 stitches per an inch
Mom's foot size: 8 inch diameter, 9.5 inches long.

I knit the socks exactly to size and mom really likes them. My foot is the same width as hers and I find the socks to be a bit loose. I think I would prefer some negative ease in my socks.

I love the garter rib stitch pattern. It is easy and it looks nice. It also makes decreasing for the gusset easy. I set it up so I decreased on rib rows, and knit straight across on plain knit rows. It saved me from having to stop and inspect the stitches to see if I decreased the previous round or not.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Jersey Trip

This past weekend I went and visited my parents in Jersey City. My mom will happily tell you that they live in a closet with a view, and she loves it. Life in the suburbs of KY just didn't work for her.

The first day was the longest day. Mom and I went over to New York to explore a little and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I had fun walking across the bridge. It was nice to get out and stretch my legs after being on a plane all morning.

We also took the dogs to the dog park. I attempted to get a picture of them, but they wouldn't sit still. Silly puppies.

Mom and Dad have been trying to find an acceptable dog walker with not much luck. The big one is scared of everyone new. She didn't like dog walker number 1 at all. She likes #2, but is too scared to allow #2 to walk her.

I learned that cabbage is the new "in thing" in landscaping. My mom swears its not new, and she swears that Louisville use to do it to, but I don't believe her. Regardless of if she is right.

Mom and I also explored Hoboken some. Our explorations included Patricia's Yarns. Mom picked out yarn to make a scarf for herself, and yarn for me to make her more socks. Unlike her attempt at socks early this year, her scarf is going extremly well. It is a much better project for someone who hasn't knitted in 20 years.

The scarf is made out of sheep shop yarn. I can't remember the color way right now, but it is really pretty. When last I heard she is now about two thirds of the way done.

The sock yarn is a self patterning yarn from Austermann Step, so it isn't really all that pretty look at in a ball.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I painted that little ceramic guy above at the Mad Potter here in Lexington. It was a lot of fun. If you have a place like that near you, I suggest you try it. :)

Trick or treaters are now all home either crashing from exhaustion or on a sugar high. I had a bunch of fun passing out candy, and watching Danny pass it out in his ren fair costume.

I finished my moms sock tonight. I'm so excited that it requires a night time picture!

I feel motivated to get going on the second one now. I'm leaving to visit her and my dad in New Jersey on friday, so she can even try it on to make sure it fits! Maybe I can get the second one finished while I'm there? I won't be leaving for home until monday.

For projects I intend to pack my clapotis, fetching, and my mom's socks.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Kentucky Yarn Pr0n

How about a little local yarn love for today?

From: Koenig Farm
Fiber content: 100% mohair
color: watermelon
weight: lace
yardage: 212 yds

I think I'm going to Isobel with this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I've been knitting

I haven't been blogging and I blame it on ravelry. I'd love some ravelry friends, but I can't remember who is on ravelry now and who isn't? If you are on and want to add me I'm silencepainter. :)

This calorimetry is for my SIL for Christmas. I'm really happy with how the colors worked out. There is very little left to do, I just need to wash it, weave in the ends, and add a button

I'm also making a pair of fetching to go with the calorimetry. I'm not sure if I'm happy with how the colors are playing with the pattern. It does look better once its on, and I'm thinking once the second one is made it will look even better. If it doesn't I'll remake them.

Here is how the clapotis is coming along. I'm really happy with the colors and I love the feel of the yarn (knit picks shimmer). It isn't very far along, I've only done 3 or 4 increase sections.

I finished my basket weave scarf, but I'd like to wash it and block it before I take pictures. That might take a bit as I don't own any wool wash, and I need somewhere safe to block it.

I haven't made any progress on my mom's sock. I'm feeling kind of guilty about that. I see her again pretty soon, I really should work on it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday - Fishermans Wool

Looking for Purse Guts? Scroll down!

Lorna's Laces, Fishermans Wool, 500 yards. Color: Sweetie (purple, pink and yellow)

I was thinking of making a jaywalker type scarf with this but I think I want more than three colors in my jaywalker scarf. Perhaps Wavy? Choices, choices. I'll have to search around. Its times like this I wish I had my ravelry invite.

Blogstalking - Purse Contents

To really cover all the things this question should cover I had to empty out my school bag, my purse, and my pockets. After all of that my keys and my phone still didn’t make it into the pictures.

School/Knitting Bag

Its called an Everything Bag and according to the receipt it came from QVC. I got it from a second hand store. It has a bazillion pockets which I love! Makes it so easy to store stuff in.

First off is "Our Changing Planet" which is my geology text book. I picked this book up from the library, which means I don't have to buy it!

Sitting on top of the text book is
- A scarf I'm knitting.
- A pouch with items like stitch markers, stitch holders, and point protectors
- Needle size checker thing
- Label from the yarn I'm using in the scarf
- Kid scissors
- A loose blunt needle for weaving in ends. It should probably go in the pouch.

Next is my binder. It has all my notes and papers for my classes. Sitting on top of the binder are 2 mechanical pencils, a package of mini G2 pens, and a highlighter. G2 pens are my favorite pens ever, so you can imagine my excitement when they started making mini ones!

On the ground bellow the text book is a burts bees lip balm. I hate chapped lips.

My Pockets

These items move between my pockets, purse, and school bag depending on the day.
- Change
- License
- Debit card
- School ID
- Little black heart on a jump ring - I found it on the ground yesterday.


My purse exists mainly to hold my keys, cell phone or anything else too bulky to fit comfortably in my pockets. It is boring inside.

- Pay stubs
- Wallet which holds my triple A and health insurance card.
- A coupon for paper towels.
- A slip of paper with various dates I need to remember.

Wow that was kinda long. Hope you had fun snooping!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday - Orange Blossoms

Sorry to be posting so late in the day, and that I missed last week. Real life has been hogging my time lately. Boo on real life!

Yarn: Orange Blossoms from The Knittery

I bought this a few weeks ago from the Loopy Ewe. I've noticed that when it comes to yarn I'm a blue girl. I like my blues with the occasional bit of other dark or jewel toned colors. Tried and true colors are great things for projects like sweaters. You're not going to wear a sweater it the color doesn't work on you. But socks? Socks are where you should have some fun! You can fearlessly expand your color palette with no worry of the yarn making you look a sickly green color when you wear it. So I'm expanding! I followed a similar theory with that yarny weekend I had.

On their own the colors make me think of various sherbet flavors. Sherbet yummy.

Red Scarf Project Complete!

I finished the scarf for the red scarf project! Now all I need to go do is pick up a gift card, write a little note, wrap it, and mail it. You don't have to include a gift card, but as a fellow poor college student I understand how much they must be appreciated. I'm so thankful I have my parents to help me through college.

Scarf Stats:
Pattern: Multi-directional Scarf
Length: 62 inches
Width: 6 inches
Yarn used: Bernat Super Value, Wine Twist, 275 yards per skein. I used a little under 1 and a half skeins.

A lot of the other inexpensive acrylic yarns feels scratchy to me but I think this yarn has a nice soft feel to it. The feel is very appropriate for a scarf in my opinion. I love the colors too. I hope who ever gets it likes it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blogstalking - Who Am I?

What is a girl to do when she’d like to post more often but doesn’t have anything to post about? Join blogstalking of course! This weeks topic is all about me. I don’t think I’ve given much personal information on here so this might be fun.

My name is Lauren. I’m a student at Eastern Kentucky University where I’ve been working towards my bachelors degree for way too long now. I’m an ex-computer science student and current general studies major. I’m scheduled to graduate this summer and then I hope to go into grad school for occupational therapy.

I’m a liberal which leaves me at odds with Kentucky’s conservative majority. [insert political and social unrest here]

I’m shy, quiet until I’m comfortable, and a bit weird. I’m a geek. I enjoy table top gaming such as D&D. I enjoy cooking and baking, but dislike the dishes that are left afterwards.

I procrastinate and am doing so as I write this. I knit, play the violin, and pack bento lunches. I’m a bit overweight but working on correcting the issue. I enjoy hiking and being outside. I would like to some day get more into sewing and embroidery and maybe try out belly dancing and pilates. I love blank books, and boxes. My childhood stuffed animal was a bunny.

Lately I’ve been cycling through episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Charmed, Smallville, Hero’s, and Scrubs.

Book Series:
I have a bit of a soft spot for novels about vampires and the like where the main character is a smart ass female. I’m a fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Underworld series. In more of the fantasy genre I’ve been enjoying Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel's Legacy series. Oh and I’m a Harry Potter fan for sure.

Two of my favorite books ever were Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson, and Canone Inverso by Paolo Maurensig. I actually bought Canone Inverso because of the cover. The original cover had a nice picture of a violin on it.