Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coming to a close

It seems to me that among other things a good blog takes work and dedication. I've not really put much work into this blog and as a result it is pretty boring. With a little effort I think I could really enjoy keeping this blog.

To make this blog more fun for me I'd like to try a few things.

1.) I need to branch out my knitting projects. This is both just for my knitting enjoyment and because I'm tired of writing "I worked on a sock". ;)

2.) Project 365. I really enjoy taking pictures and this will encourage me to do so more often. Any good ones can become an instant blog post.

3.) I'm considering a posting schedule of some sort. I tend to put off posting and then when I do post I end up with writers block.

There is a possibility that this blog will experience a huge shift sometime after this summer. TheBoy and I are discussing the possibility of going to South Korea to teach English for a year after I graduate. This would be a really amazing experience and would undoubtedly give me a lot to talk about. I'm already plotting the best way to bring lots of yarn with me if we go.


Queen of the froggers said...

I love pictures in a blog so project 365 sounds great, and so does going to South Korea, what an experience!

barb michelen said...
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Batty said...

Pictures are good. I also try to post about every third day, though sometimes life gets in the way. If it's just a chore, not something you enjoy, blogging too much can really kill your blogging mojo for good, so don't put too much pressure on yourself.

g-girl said...

project 365! there are other bloggers doing that. I already know I couldn't do it. lol. I agree with batty-you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself regarding when to post. you should post when the mood hits you. that's what I do-although I do wish I could post at least once a week like I used to. Exciting about South Korea-how did you guys come to select it?