Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pepper Love

Yesterday I didn't get any knitting done because I was lazy early in the day and then I made the most awesome dinner ever.

I started with these.

I've had this red pepper cream sauce recipe stashed away waiting for red peppers to go on sale. They finally did. I did a happy dance.

Some quick comments about the recipe: I used whole basil leaves and next time I think I'll chop them up for visual reasons. Unless you have a kick ass blender I wouldn't bother adding the mixture to the blender. All ours did was stir it a bit. A food processor would probably work better, but it really isn't needed.

I cooked a little less than a pound of chicken with half an onion and some garlic. I actually threw the onion and garlic in the pan while I was cutting the chicken because I wanted the onions to caramelize.

I served it all over whole wheat pasta. It was really tasty and really satisfying. I fully intend to make it again.

What dinner post would be complete without a colorless night time picture?

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