Wednesday, December 12, 2007

knitting book happiness

I took this picture of Luigi, and similar ones of Mario back when I was living in my own apartment. At the time I was really frustrated that I couldn't get a clear picture, but now I really like the fuzzy effect. I love how the picture seems to have captured Luigi's eternal kitten.

Sometime soonish I turn 24. I've gotten comments along the lines of "I didn't know you were that old!" Well dammit neither did I! For one thing in my opinion 24 isn't old, and to top it off in my head I'm still 22. ;)

I have new knitting books!
Knitting Vintage Socks - Spiral bound. On my first glance through the book I was really disappointed, on my second look through I loved it. It has a little history section and lots of information on different heel and toe types. I really enjoy the textured look of a lot of the "gentlemen" socks, and there are some really cute/pretty lacey patterns as well.

Knitting On the Road - This book is also spiral bound. It has short but clear directions about a couple cast ons to use, as well as different ways to join yarn in the round, which is new info to me. I like most of the patterns, and I love the different cabled socks, as well as the mismatched pair.

Mason Dixon Knitting - I've been wanting this book forever, because I just love it. I'm particularly interested in the log cabin section.

The Knitter's Book of Yarn - I haven't had time to really read any of the yarn info in here, but I love the patterns! I also like how it gives "substitution info" so I don't have to stop and look up the weight of the yarn, or do multiplication for the total yardage.


Queen of the froggers said...

They look great books, I have the Mason-Dixon one and love it!

chemgrrl said...

Awww! Your kitty is such a cutie.

You'll have to let us know what you think of the Knitter's Book of Yarn. I've been wondering...

g-girl said...

i'm with chemgrrl-you'll have to let us know what you think of the knitters book of yarn. good to know about the knitting socks on the road one too. I was wondering about that one as well.