Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Jersey Trip

This past weekend I went and visited my parents in Jersey City. My mom will happily tell you that they live in a closet with a view, and she loves it. Life in the suburbs of KY just didn't work for her.

The first day was the longest day. Mom and I went over to New York to explore a little and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I had fun walking across the bridge. It was nice to get out and stretch my legs after being on a plane all morning.

We also took the dogs to the dog park. I attempted to get a picture of them, but they wouldn't sit still. Silly puppies.

Mom and Dad have been trying to find an acceptable dog walker with not much luck. The big one is scared of everyone new. She didn't like dog walker number 1 at all. She likes #2, but is too scared to allow #2 to walk her.

I learned that cabbage is the new "in thing" in landscaping. My mom swears its not new, and she swears that Louisville use to do it to, but I don't believe her. Regardless of if she is right.

Mom and I also explored Hoboken some. Our explorations included Patricia's Yarns. Mom picked out yarn to make a scarf for herself, and yarn for me to make her more socks. Unlike her attempt at socks early this year, her scarf is going extremly well. It is a much better project for someone who hasn't knitted in 20 years.

The scarf is made out of sheep shop yarn. I can't remember the color way right now, but it is really pretty. When last I heard she is now about two thirds of the way done.

The sock yarn is a self patterning yarn from Austermann Step, so it isn't really all that pretty look at in a ball.


String said...

cabbages aren't that new, my campus uses them.

g-girl said...

I had no idea your parents lived in Jersey! Yeah, cabbage has been in for a while..such a strange landscaping look.

Batty said...

I've always liked those cabbages. So much more interesting than flowers, which I kill just by being near them.