Monday, September 03, 2007

Purple Turtle in the Making

I worked on sheldon some this weekend. He is currently a sad little one legged turtle without a home (shell), but damn is he cute! I'm making him for a friend who loves turtles, stuffed animals, and the color purple. He is such a perfect little guy for her.

My mom might be flying into town on Thursday night and staying until Tuesday! For this reason I'm going to get back to work on her sock. It would be great if I could finish the first one while she is here to make sure it fits. She has toe problems on one foot and a non-fitting sock could be a real issue for her.

Here is a little garden visitor I found one day.


Batty said...

I like the purple turtle! Admittedly, it looks more like a purple alien right now, but its turtleness will become more apparent once the shell is attached.

chemgrrl said...

Purple maimed Sheldon is so cute! So is your little green friend. I once saw one on my porch that was about 7 inches long. I tried to tame him, but he wasn't having any of that. Sniff.

Queen of the froggers said...

Sheldon is going to be cute. I like that insect, we don't get things like that here!

Sarah said...

Little Purple Turtle is going to be so cute!

And I have a strange affinity for praying mantises...they're really cool.

Zonda said...

That'll be a cute purple Sheldon! Neat picture of that praying mantis!

String said...

A. that is sooooo cute. the bug is too cool.
B. the toefutsies is a pretty cool yarn, it is rather splitty though, but very very very soft when it's knit up. I have no idea why the spiril was so different, I have a theory about gauge and heel flaps to account for it.