Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Born again scarf

I don't have a lot to report but I felt like I should post something. Today was my first day back in classes and my first day working a temp job at the campus bookstore. The bookstore gig is just for the first two weeks or so, to get them through to book rush.

I recently restarted my basket weave scarf which I frogged back in October because I didn't like how it was turning out. Link to what it looked like in October

Here it is now:

I really love how it is turning out this time around. The size seven needles are working so much better than the eights were and the decreased width is also nice. I can't wait until it is done so I can wear it!

Warning Geek Moment:

If you don't know what I'm referring to with this picture you really should check out this link which is pretty funny. Mine is just me being goofy.

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g-girl said...

it is looking quite lovely! can't wait to see a finished pic of it. :)