Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Half way done

Today I learned...

That taking pictures of your own foot is a bit difficult.

I finished my first sock!

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It is just an itty bit tight. I don't think my toe turns out as long as the toe in the directions.

Close up
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I think the sock looks pretty weird when it is not on a foot. The ribbing for the cuff makes it look so skinny compared to the rest of the sock, the toe decreases really fast to a flat topped triangle and the heel looks a bit odd. I'm not sure if that is just the nature of the type of heel used or if it is a newbie sock knitter thing. It looks alright on which is what matters.

One sock down, one more to go! YAY~


Zonda said...

Great job Lauren!! Love the colorway! Onward to the second one now...you don't want Second Sock Syndrome ;)

which sadly I have at the moment..eek!

g-girl said...

congrats on your first sock! what an accomplishment. :)

rahime said...

That was so fast! You won't be a newbie sock knitter for long at this rate.

Stephanie said...

I'm impressed. I haven't yet tried knitting socks, but it sure does look fun!
- Stephanie