Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fiber love

Life has been a bit busy with the start of school and I haven't been home much in the daylight hours. I almost forgot that it was yarn pr0n time and when I remembered tonight I started freaking out about what I would post because it was much too late to take any pictures. Lucky for me I have some pictures of a special yarn I have been saving, I wanted to save it for a bit longer but I guess this week is just as good as any other.

Meet one of my Christmas presents from my Mom - yes she's a fiber snob.

Joseph Galler's Peruvian Tweed
"The Heavenly Fiber"
100% alpaca
Color: 111

This stuff feels so soft and wonderful. There are no dyes, all colors are naturally occurring in the lovely fiber providing alpaca's. I looked up alpaca on wikipedia because I'm a dork like that and it says that alpaca's have more than 22 natural colors!

Now I do have a dilemma with this yarn... WHAT DO I MAKE WITH IT????

It is a light worsted or DK weight yarn and there is 600 yards. This stuff is soft, snuggly and warm and I want to take advantage of that. I was thinking of making a cozy, but that needs 800 yards and I'm not sure if 600 yards would produce a suitable size. I don't want to pick the wrong project for this yarn, its too lovely to do that to, so please send me your ideas if you have some!


g-girl said...

sigh..that yarn is gorgeous!

Zonda said...

Yes, that is gorgeous yarn! So soft and squishy looking! :)

stringthing said...

mmmmm, lovely

Dipsy said...

What an amazingly beautiful yarn this is, and I *so* love the colour!

turtlegirl76 said...

I think you could get a cozy out of that. It might take a wee modification (maybe make it one pattern repeat smaller in width?) Either way, a shawl or wrap of some sort would be perfect for it. It's beautiful stuff.

tamasha said...

Have you decided what to do with it? I have some also, in 109, that I have sitting around. I am thinking of making a scarf, but I'm stuck on ideas. :(