Saturday, December 30, 2006

Multidirectional Scarf Progress

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The night I wanted to start working on the scarf I discovered to my horror that the yarn was in hanks. That’s right I’ve had this yarn for weeks, I’ve fondled it, I’ve taken pornography pictures of it, but I still some how missed that the yarn was in hanks. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know. Maybe I was just in denial. So instead of knitting I got to learn how to make a center pull ball. While I was doing it I felt like it was taking forever and that it was extremely boring. Once I was done I didn’t think the process was all that bad and I was kind of proud of my first ball of yarn.

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Here is a picture showing what it looks when in the middle of a short row. I would have loved to see a picture like this when I first tried the pattern because the short rows really confused me for a bit. I mean really what a crazy foreign idea to turn and knit row two when I’ve not even knitted all the stitches on my needle for row one. I was very very suspicious about it at first, so suspicious I actually checked other copies of the pattern.

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I am really loving how it looks and how quickly it is knitting up with the bulky yarn.

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While I was working on the scarf yesterday the cats were napping in a near by sunbeam. I'm a sucker for pictures of them snuggling together, I really can't help it.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve! I'll be back New Years day with a bit of review, plans for the new year, and a picture or two.


Jessica said...

I like how your scarf is coming along. I'd like to try it one day. Now to find the perfect yarn... :)

stitchywitch said...

Oh, sweet kitties!

I made that scarf too, and I was really suspicious of the short rows. It works out though, and the end result will be gorgeous!


Zonda said...

Looking great! I like the WOTA Bulky! hmmm may have to try that pattern one day! Happy New Year!