Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm back and knitting away

Today I was going to take some pictures and go ahead and make a real post to this blog. I got out my camera turned it on and got the red blinking battery light of death. Sadly I don't have enough fresh batteries to power my camera so there will be no pictures today. Tomorrow though I shall make a real post with pictures! And there WILL be new pr0n on Friday.

Anyway so this week is finals week so my whole week will consist of studying and knitting with the occasional test thrown in. This is a good thing because I desperately need to study and I desperately need to knit. I didn't knit at all for the month of November so you can imagine the state my Christmas knitting is in.

To try and make up for my lack of knitting I've been knitting up a storm. My mom's scarf went from maybe a foot to over half done in the course of just a few sittings. I want to have it done by this Friday or earlier so I can get moving on my SIL's scarf and hopefully have it done by Christmas. Then my mom’s birthday is right around the corner so I'll need to quickly start and finish her birthday scarf. Luckily her birthday scarf is in bulky yarn so it should knit up quickly.

After all those presents are done I am making Sheldon the turtle for a friend as a belated Christmas present and my ex boyfriend current good friend wants a scarf to keep him warm.

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Anonymous said...

hey, another kentucky Knittyhead! thanks for your comment, I can't wait to start knitting.