Friday, December 15, 2006

Yarn and Cuteness

Well I just finished up my last final for the semester and now it is time to post some yarn pr0n before I go take a much needed nap!

Today's Wool of the Andes is a bulky weight and the color is Storm.
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This will one day soon become a multi-directional scarf for my mom, who has been very clear in her want of a grey scarf. Her reasoning for wanting a grey scarf? Because it matches her hair. Is anyone else as amused as I am with this reasoning?

I call this the "omg pet meee!" stretch.
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Pooch said...

Beautiful-beautiful yarn! The colors are so soft and pretty. Your mother sounds like a logical lady! Cute!

Anonymous said...

thanks for you comment, the trasition has been so busy i don't have too much time to feel bad