Friday, December 29, 2006

Sock Yarn Pr0n

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Lang Yarn's
Jawoll Jacquard
Color: 82.0155 (I wish it had a name)

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Color card I found for it

As an odd little tidbit I will share that this yarn was given to me by an ex-boyfriend current friend. I was pretty surprised because we haven't exchanged gifts for over four years. I think he did pretty darn good for a non-knitting boy. He had the nice ladies at the store help him find the sock yarn and tell him how much to get.

I now need to learn to knit in the round and decide what sock pattern to use!

On Saturday I'll post multidirectional scarf progress pictures


sgeddes said...

Great picture! He did a wonderufl job picking out yarn! I can't believe he doesn't knit.

Zonda said...

Nice colorway! Now let's see you knit in the round and how it turns out! ;)

g-girl said...

knitting in the round isn't hard @'s just the idea that's so daunting!