Sunday, March 09, 2008

"This is doomed to be awesome"

What do you do when you have a cancelled flight, several inches of snow, one sled, and no idea where good sledding hills might be found? Go sledding with 7 other people of course! I mean come on, isn't that the most brilliant idea ever?

What about this for brilliant? On top of our one real sled we had a few Rubbermaid type container lids, and several pillows wrapped in plastic bags. The Rubbermaid lids didn't work. The pillows wrapped in plastic bags had varying degrees of success. They worked pretty well if you used one pillow under your chest, and one under your knees. We suspect that body pillows would really awesome.

If you have one good sled, and two OK pretend sleds, the "best" thing to do is to go down in a train.
Step 1: Person1 gets in the real sled facing forward, that way if you are about to run into a tree, you know.
Step 2: Person2 gets in the real sled behind person number 1 and faces backwards.
Step 3: Person3 lays down on a pillow and holds person2's hands.
Step 4(optional): Person4 lays down on a pillow and holds onto person3's legs.
Step 5: Someone who is insane enough to help you, but not insane enough to join the train helps you get started down the hill.

It was awesome. Awesome enough we did it multiple times. One of the pillow people would always end up separated from the train half way down and spinning around in circles.

The day was finished off with homemade hot chocolate and hot wings, naps, pizza and beer, and games on the wii.

No pictures were taken. I was too busy playing.

I wore my hand knit socks, and got some knitting done.


Batty said...

At my college, people used trays. Those work amazingly well.

sgeddes said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I miss all that winter fun. We almost never get enough snow to even make a single snowball!

Octopus Knits said...

Ha! Sounds like fun : )