Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fearless Fingerless Mitts

For Valentines Day I jumped head first into a color work pattern. I didn't even bother to swatch. I figured if they turned out a little bigger or smaller than they were suppose to it was no big deal.

Pattern: Companion Mitts- Coordinate with Fair Isle Tam
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool in Red and Blue (greenish blue)
Needles: US size 4
Mods/tricks: I shortened the thumb. Used a slip stitch to minimize the jog on stripes, and knit the first row of a ribbed color change all stockinette so that I wouldn’t have purl bumps of the wrong color sticking out. During long floats I used this method of weaving in as you knit, to carry my float along with me. This was great for long floats, but I didn't find it to be secure enough to actually weave in ends. The lack of security may have been a short coming of my own instead of the technique's, so I will try it again someday.

This was honestly not the best choice for a first color work pattern because some of the floats are quite long. Also between my lack of a swatching, and my small hands these mitts are huge on me. I could easily wear a pair of thick gloves under them.

I'm very proud of them regardless of their flaws.

These also count as my first PS3 fire FO!


Zonda said...

Nice job on your first pair!

Queen of the froggers said...

They do look great, love the bright colours!

Batty said...

They look great, and the stranding is very even. And you know what else? They're long enough so your fingers don't turn blue the second it gets cold outside.

Eryn said...

They are gorgeous - You did a great job.

g-girl said...

wow. you are a rockstar!! I am bowing down to you @ this very moment! I've never even done fair isle and look @ you!! awesome. :)

wishiwerebuffy said...

They look awesome!! You did a great job!