Thursday, February 07, 2008

Huston, we have a problem

My Dad's sock is too small... on me. I can assure you that his foot is bigger than mine. Plus, the sock just sucks overall.

Here are all the gory details:
First we have the funky Dutch heel which bags out even when I scrunch my toes so I can pull it up correctly.

Then there is the loosey goosey cuff. It is knit on significantly more stitches than the foot (a whole 3/4 of an inch more stitches). The cuff is loose on me, and Dad is not exactly a man of thick ankles and calves. The cuff would be forgivable if the rest of the sock didn't suck so much.

Look how funky it looks. Yes it really does want to crinkle up on its own like that when left to its own devices.

The sock ended up being about 8 inches long. It should have been 9.25 inches long. Now I did make a mistake and start the toe a quarter of an inch too early, but that doesn't explain the other missing inch! I think it is the heels fault, the way it pulls everything in all funky makes it hard to measure how long the foot is.

The short explanation of all of this is: I hate the heel, and blame all of the socks problems on the heel. ;)

Now there are a few things I DO like. The longish ribbing has grown on me. I found the purl stitch it has you do on the back (like a seam) to be interesting. I also enjoy the way the toe decreases make the bar along the toes. I didn’t like the suggestion of threading the yarn back through the stitches to close the toe. I felt there were too many stitches left for that method.

What really baffles me is I seem to be the only one who has problems with this sock. Everyone on ravelry claims theirs turned out just fine. Poo on them!

I'm ripping the whole sock out and starting anew.


Queen of the froggers said...

Yes, the heel does look big. You know I am always sticking to my trusty Regia sock pattern as it always works. You can get a free leaflet with it on. Best of luck with the re-knitting! I like the yarn.

Beverly said...

I've never done a dutch heel before, but that one looks awfully large. What a bummer. I hate getting that far into a pair of socks and realizing that I have to start over. Good luck with the reknitting!

KnitaSaur said...

Socks are strange creatures. Good luck!

Oh, and I'm tagging you :)

g-girl said...

what pattern are you doing? sorry to hear the sock came out too small. :(

Eryn said...

My heart is cringing at the thought of ripping back, but that sock is no good.

I'm sorry, darling, do you need a shoulder to cry on?

Batty said...

Need a hug and a shoulder to cry on? We're here for you. Ill-fitting socks suck, I've made them too.

Jo said...

I've never done a dutch heel before, either - how is different than other heels?