Friday, October 06, 2006

Pr0n - Does Size Really Matter?

Well it matters to this big cone of Mystery Yarn!
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I inherited this big cone of yarn from my mom, who for some unknown reason bought it at goodwill several years ago. I have no clue what type of yarn it is or where it originally came from, even google has failed me. The inside sticker reads:

Trio Manufacturing Inc

And now its time for his close up!
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Magatha said...

OMG! It's so....HUGE! My My My! And blue! :::blush:::

Great closeup!

KnitMongrel said...

Man, you could start your own line of jeans with all that yarn! Love the color - isn't mystery yarn fun? :) Happy YPF!!

Michelle said...

Wow.. that's a big cone of something... have you tried a burn test to figure out what it is?

Lauren said...

I hadn't even thought of trying a burn test. Burning stuff does sound like fun! I'll have to do some research to learn how to interpret the results. :)

My only idea was to swatch it to see how it knits up, and then wash it to see how washable it is.

Mary, Mary... said...

Wow, I need to get to Goodwill more often! My guess is 100%cotton, but it looks there's a touch of something else--silk or nylon.

Zonda said...

WOW!!!! That is one huge ball o'yarn!! Lovely color! Yikes, hope you don't carry that around with you! ;)