Friday, October 20, 2006

pr0n day at last!

The sun has been hiding behind clouds and rain drops this week. I was worried it would be difficult to get a good yarn pr0n picture, but it worked out just fine.

This is wool of the andes in hollyberry.
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Yesterday the boyfriend had to get his wisdom teeth removed and he needed someone to take him because he wasn't allowed to drive afterwards. I took him to the appointment and sat in the waiting room knitting. Suddenly the lady working the front desk asked about my knitting. I came over and showed it to her, and she was very impressed. She couldn't believe I taught myself. I told her knitting really wasn't that difficult and that I learned from free online videos. She was absolutely fascinated so I gave her the web address for Knitting Help. She decided to go ahead and check the site out right away instead of waiting until she got home. I warned her that knitting was addicting but I think my warning came too late. hehe

The IHS has reached the original suggested pattern length of 55 inches, and it definitely needs to be longer. I was hoping that once I actually reached that length it would magically be “long enough”, but that wasn’t the case. I'll just keep working on it until it looks done.

ETA: I'm sorry about this being posted so late today. Blogger has been being a brat and wouldn't publish my post. Gah


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Avrienne said...

I had the same problem with Blogger today, after having had my rechargeable camera battery die unexpectedly (again, I think I need a new one soon) right when I went to take the pictures this morning.

But little problems like that can't keep us determined pr0nographers down...

Zonda said...

Yay for reds!! Nice color! Funny how many times I've given out the knittinghelp site also. :)