Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nineteen days

I was feeling worried last night that I wouldn't be able to finish my Dad's scarf in time for Christmas, and consequently wouldn't even get my moms started! So I did some thinking. What if I did a little bit each day? Even on my most busy days I should be able to find time to do at least two twists. I did some measuring and calculations and discovered if I do two twists a day I can have the scarf finished in 19 days! I am such a dork.

Estimated finishing day for Dad's IHS: October 16th

How about some kittens? Here is a picture of Luigi snoozing on the couch:
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He is such a cutie pie! It almost makes up for him being a humongous brat. Almost.

I recently bought a bunch of new toys at the pet store for the kittens after realizing that all their toys had mysteriously disappeared. Where do cat toys disappear too? They'd been amusing themselves with stolen water bottle tops. They chase them around, and hide them in things. One morning I found a collection of them floating in the water bowl like little toy boats. Today one of them was in my left shoe. I wonder what odd place I will find one next.


Sarah said...

I make schedules like that. I don't adhere to them, but I do like making the schedules. Your Irish Hiking Scarf is coming along beautifully.

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! My cats also must have a toy graveyard somewhere. They can lose a new toy in under 5 minutes, and then follow me around crying for me to find it. Sometimes they're under the couch or the radiators... but sometimes they just vanish, never to be seen again.