Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Embers and Ashes

Embers and Ashes Socks

Pattern: Just a basic sock
Yarn: Austermann Step, colorway: 43
Needles: US size 1 DPNS
For: Mom

Once upon a time in a state far away my mom selected a skein of sock yarn in the hopes that I would make her a pair of socks. I readily agreed, but once I got home I stuck the yarn in my stash and ignored it. I’ll admit it. I dragged my feet because the colors just didn’t interest me much.

Grey, white, and a little bit of muted red? Bah!

Then one day after months of avoidance I realized I had another visit with my mom coming up soon. I started plowing through with a sense of duty. I felt a little foolish, because after all that avoidance I learned I actually did enjoy the way the colors blended together. The layers of white, grey, and red reminded me of embers that are still glowing ever so slightly.

Despite my efforts I arrived for my visit without even one finished sock. I wasn't confident that I would get them done in time, and my mom was rightfully suspicious that I would leave her with only one sock. I told her I wouldn’t, and by some miracle I didn't. I got them finished with time to spare! The socks now live happily with the other socks in my mom's sock drawer.

The End.

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Lin said...

Well done for finishing them, they look nice.